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Valentine’s Day hairstyles to look gorgeous

Valentine’s Day hairstyles to look gorgeous

Each year, we get thousands of panic attack texts and emails at the V day morning to get settled with the hair. Figuring out what to do with your hairs and how to make quick fixes is the most desired help of ladies. Obviously, you can’t spend hours to make your hairs straighten or curls to give an ordinary usual look on this big day. Hence, we have penned down some quick and easy Valentine’s Day hairstyles to save your day.

Given below are some of the hairstyles to look neat and hot on your big day.

Low loop hair bun!

Rather than going for a head top bun, choose a sleek and messy updo on a low loop. Such updos can add a charm to your personality without being dramatic. This can draw attention towards your face and dress more and less towards your hairs.

Valentine’s Day hairstyles to look gorgeous

Half braided loose bun!

This loose braided heart shaped hair bun with half open hairs is the best option for those who are afraid of the tightened hair looks. This Valentine’s Day hairstyle is the best way to stay composed yet stylish on your big date. To achieve this look, simply half your hair in 2 sections. Braid them from forehead to back neck and the pin it up there.  Now pull up the hairs from lower side and twist them in a heart shape on your braid knot. This will give your hair a softer heart shape in bun.

Vintage curls for shoulder length!

If you have shoulder length hair then tying them up in a bun or crafting a braid won’t be possible and will not give a perfect luxurious look. For shoulder length hair we will suggest you to have a vintage look with soft curls. You may also achieve it with blow drying inwardly. Don’t forget to give a big curl look. Short or over curly look will mess up the whole delight and finish you up in a pub or party look.

Valentine’s Day hairstyles to look gorgeous

One sided French tail:

Another way to look glamorous on your big day is to show off your shoulders and neck by tying up all of your hairs in one side. In addition to updos, side braid is another way to achieve such Valentine’s Day hairstyle goals. Braiding your hairs in a French style and drawing all the attention towards one side can actually make your hairs standout as well as your neck and shoulders.

Wet slicked back look!

If you are tired of the boring buns and classy braids, you are on the right place then. This look will actually make you look extra sexy and hotter than even before. Wet look with slicked back hairs can draw all the attention of your valentines to your face and front details of your dress. You can rock this look by wearing a deep neck.

All of these hairstyles are just listed as suggestions and are inspired by celebrities. You can make yourself glamorous by choosing any of these Valentine’s Day hairstyles.

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