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Happy Halloween 2019 Images, Quotes, Pictures, Messages, Meme

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Happy Chinese New Year 2019 Images

Happy Chinese New Year 2019 Images

Happy Chinese New Year 2019 Images The Chinese New Year 2019 is a Chinese celebration that praises the start of another year in the usual Chinese calendar. The celebration is generally referred to as the Spring Festival in China today, and it is one of the few Lunar New Years in Asia.

The celebrations usually take place from the night before the first day of the year until the Festival of Lanterns, which hangs on the fifteenth day of the year. The main day of the Chinese New Year begins on the new moon, which occurs between January 21 and February 20. In 2019, the main day of the Lunar New Year will be Tuesday, February 5, starting with the Year of the Pig.

Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019

In Chinese New Year Wishes 2019 it is equally conventional for each family to clean their home completely, in order to clear any evil fortune and clear the way to approach good fortune.

Another custom is the enrichment of windows and entrances with red paper cuttings and couplets. The outstanding themes between these paper cuttings and couplets incorporate that of favorable luck or joy, riches and useful life.

Different exercises incorporate flares and cash in red paper envelopes. For the districts of northern China, meatballs stand out at dinners that praise the celebration.

Happy New Year! Continue to welcome the new morning with a new soul, a smile everywhere, affection in your heart and great considerations in your brain.


May riches reach your address reliably. Let it be promising and as you wish. A charm to bring satisfaction and happiness step by step.


Happy New Year, I wish you a great well-being and a lasting flowering.


With every second unbearable, let’s capture the New Year with a more splendid future, more and more brilliant and progressively happy. Happy New Year!


The moment the bell rings at midnight tonight, allow it to connote new and better things for you, which implies a recognition of everything you want, that means a year of strength and cunning, wishing you an exceptionally prosperous year.


We wish you good luck in the Chinese New Year.


The expectations of the coming days are full of great satisfaction and success. Happy Chinese New Year.



The expectation that the rising sun will carry with it the beloved newborns, joy and good fortune. Happy Chinese New Year!


May the new year get the delights of his life that never be confused, trusts that never kick the bucket and a quality that never weakens. I wish you a happy Chinese new year.


This New Year you may discover harmony from the inside and be able to spread so much happiness around you.

Happy Chinese New Year Images of Wishes 2019 

In the images of the Chinese New Year, Wishes 2019 is related to some legends and traditions.

The celebration was usually an opportunity to respect the gods and ancestors.

Within China, the territorial traditions and conventions relating to the New Year festival fluctuate widely, and the night before Chinese New Year Day is occasionally seen as an event for Chinese families to gather for the annual dinner.

Happy Chinese New Year Images of Wishes 2019  Happy Chinese New Year Images of Wishes 2019  Happy Chinese New Year Images of Wishes 2019  Happy Chinese New Year Images of Wishes 2019 

Quotes for Chinese New Year 2019

Here are some of the best quotes for Chinese New Year 2019 for you. You can get these statements in Chinese for the New Year printed on the donations and we welcome you to share them with all your friends and family.

What are they hanging tight for? Here is the best accumulation for you: wish you a happy new year and very happy. Send these lovely and sweet Chinese New Year statements on WhatsApp and facebook to all your loved ones.



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